Friday, May 23, 2014

Anti Bucket List

I created this blog on a whim with a million ideas in my brain of things that I would talk about. Now that I'm here with said blog, I seem to be at a lost of ideas. Way back when I remember making a bucket list of things I wouldn't do before I die, then I saw that this is a thing now. So here goes my "Anti" bucket list (:

I will never:

Bungee Jump
Not that I am scared of heights because at some point in my life I am 100% positive I will eventually sky dive, I am just not down with the get down to have my ankles bind and jumping off a bridge/whatever they have you jump off of. The idea makes me want to call for my mommy right now. Where's my blankey?

Fight someone
This may make me sound like a pansy. But I pride myself for this. All of my friends have been in fights and I can officially say that I haven't. Unless you count throwing endless amounts of things at my sisters head when I was younger. Phones, remotes, cameras, cats.....

Run for office
If anyone every combed through my facebook, I would be automatically disqualified.

Become a culinary genius 
I have tried 832483724783.3 times to make food taste so wonderful that men would be lining up at my door to wife me up. The reality? I just can't cook. Sorry boys.

Hang out with Justin Beiber and his posse
Does this need explained?

Stop living my life to the fullest
I have surrounded myself with the best people in the world. My friends are by far better than yours.

Now that you know what I will never do, what are some of the things on your anti bucket list?

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